Schools Save 20%.  Addition to 20 Cards.

Schools Save 20%. Addition to 20 Cards.

This classroom set consists of:

  • 1 large teacher edition deck
  • 20 smaller decks for students
  • 4 Pocket Charts - Student Edition for Game Tables
  • 1 Pocket Chart - Teacher Edition for Classroom Demonstrations

These newly designed cards feature special number combinations and proven patterns for building number sense and fluency. Each card is color-coded to help you identify areas of strength and weakness. The Master Key is included in the set.

  • 60 Kid-friendly and beautifully designed flash cards
  • Addition of two 1-digit numbers less than or equal to 10
  • 36 addition cards
  • 10 - ten frame cards
  • 10 - double ten frame cards
  • 3 blank cards for creating your own equations
  • 1 Master key

A karate monkey is the next character to challenge your students to their next math challenge of adding numbers to 20.

Kids at all levels are eager to learn math during play. You’ll easily create opportunities for targeted individualized and group instruction

  • Painless drills: build math fluency effortlessly
  • “Practice makes perfect:” learn math concepts to lasting mastery

These flash cards offer children a fun way to practice their addition skills. The set features addition to 20 problems. Answers are on the opposite side.

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