Grade 5 Math Journal & Workbook

EastWestMath - Math Journal & Workbook, ISBN: 978-1-948093-05-7

Next in line, a red belt “karate tiger” challenges your 5th graders to solve a word problem with fractions and unlike denominators.  Don’t worry, Emily, your 5th grader’s tiger friend is here to help with her suggestions and with her note taking skills.   Emily quickly draws a model to represent the problem.  She highlights important things with blue and red pencils.  She uses a blue pencil to correct a mistake on her first attempt because reflecting on a mistake will help her avoid making it again next time.


  • Kid-friendly and beautifully designed front and back covers
  • 52 high quality graphed ruled white pages
  • 7.4” wide 10.4” high (19 cm wide and 26 cm high)
  • 1 x 1 cm green grid
  • Each journal is individually wrapped in a plastic cover


The math journal will help your students to represent word problems with bar model drawings and then solve them more easily and quickly.  In solving geometry problems, the journal will also help your students to create better, more accurate drawings of geometric figures.  The 5th grade math journal accompanies both Japanese and Singapore Math programs.   It can also be used with any other math program.

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